How You Can Save on Business Expenses with a Mobile App

How You Can Save on Business Expenses with a Mobile App

Benefits of Mobile ExpensesDo your employees use a mobile app to track and report their business travel expenses? Well, if you want to start saving time and money on all your company's business trips: make sure they do! More and more surveys show that companies with better policy compliance and spending control use mobile apps to manage expense reports. If you're wondering "how does a mobile app affect either of those things?", I suggest you read on.

Still with us here? Great.

First off, let’s all admit to ourselves that people have about as much fun filing their business expenses as visiting the dentist... they want it over as quick and painlessly as possible. Naturally, the more complicated the processes and policies are, the less enthusiastic your employees are going to be about completing them. As a result: on average, every third report violates policy and the company ends up spending more than they expected. That's just bad for everyone.

So how do you get your employees to follow your company’s guidelines? The answer is simple: make it easy for them. What could be easier than a mobile app? It’s always with you, it automates all corporate spending policies, it has cool features - receipts imaging, Google Maps generation, tip calculator, and so much more! No more “internet connection problem” or “my dog ate my receipts” excuses - with the right mobile app all business expenses can be created and submitted easily in just minutes, from anywhere. With the right app and the right attitude, your employees will not only be prepared, they may even be excited to get their expenses in order with this solution to the humdrum of paperwork.

But be careful, there are several apps to pick from and not all of them will align with your business needs and wants, so research and choose wisely. If you want your employees to save their time and your money - offer them an awesome expense report app! It’s a win-win for everyone, that’s what all those surveys actually say.

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