How to Get More Out of Your Corporate Credit Card: Nexonia Expenses & American Express (video)

How to Get More Out of Your Corporate Credit Card: Nexonia Expenses & American Express (video)

American Express Global Payments

As a Nexonia Expenses customer, you might not be aware of the different corporate credit card options that are available to you. You likely have a corporate credit card that’s already being put to use, but if you’re not seeing the added benefits that having a personalized corporate account can offer, your business may not be leveraging the possibilities that a tailored payment program can provide.

As you may know, American Express is a leader in the financial services industry, with many payable options based on the needs of your organization. These programs are designed for each individual customer and are fully customizable. However, the American Express Global Payments card is more than just a piece of plastic. The integration with your Nexonia Expenses solution comes with a suite of added benefits, helping to streamline employee spending, reduce data entry, enhance visibility and drive employee compliance. Like Nexonia Expenses, the American Express Global Payments Program is completely configurable to your business’s needs; adapting as your company grows.

Customers who use both Nexonia Expenses and American Express can benefit from an easy-to-use integrated expense management solution, and gain access to exclusive members-only benefits. In this recorded webinar, Jason Carlin, Manager of Product Experience at Nexonia, and Angela Abel, Manager of Business Development at American Express, discuss business trends in travel and how integrated payment processes can help you meet these challenges and capture opportunities.

Want more information on how you can directly benefit from using American Express with Nexonia Expenses? Meet with a local American Express Manager of Business Development and get the scoop. Send a quick note with your contact information and we’ll get in touch!

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