How Frisco First Baptist Church saved $50,000+ a year and reduced errors by 90%

Katie St. Michel
How Frisco First Baptist Church saved $50,000+ a year and reduced errors by 90%

As the Director of Accounting at Frisco First Baptist Church, Janet Bresson knew something needed to change, and fast. The non-profit organization in Texas was managing expenses and payables using a manual process. And this impacted more than just the back office.

Ministers and the finance team were struggling to stay aligned. The process required in-person signatures and physical receipts—and tracking down pastors for incomplete invoices and receipts was wasting valuable time for both Bresson’s team and the church’s administrators.

The productivity challenges of manual processes

Compounding the problem further, receipts were often missing or completely disorganized, and invoices generally lacked clear categorization. This was before it came time to code expenses and invoices manually into the accounting platform.

“We were dealing with missing transactions, receipts, and invoices,” explains Bresson. “Sometimes they’d have been scribbled on, otherwise admins needed to track down pastors for signatures. The time spent on these manual tasks was extreme.”

Reconciling expenses took seven to ten days on average—and only if they didn’t need to chase down pastors. It often took until the end of the following month to close the books.

Meanwhile, invoices were late and the ministers often missed payments as a result. Finance wouldn’t see the request until the vendor complained directly—and all of which was caused by the invoice being incorrectly created or attached. The resulting blame game between ministers and the accounting team wasn’t aligned with the core values of Frisco First.

A chance encounter changed everything

A chance meeting with the Nexonia team at The Church Network Conference changed everything. Bresson was wowed in particular by the solution’s award-winning integration with Intacct. She had been looking for an automated system that would make it easier to reconcile church credit cards and make payments—and Nexonia Expenses fit the bill perfectly.

With the mobile receipt capture technology, every user would be able to keep receipts and expenses together. This streamlined processes and saved them from needing physical signatures. Every expense was then added to Intacct with the mere click of a button.

Bresson says there has been tremendous results in shifting to Nexonia, including:

  • 90% of errors caught prior to processing
  • 40 hours saved each week by driving efficiency
  • 50% reduction in processing time
  • $50,000+ saved within the first year

“With transactions being imported into Nexonia, we now have less data errors, and spend less time walking between three buildings trying to track down a receipt or invoice, getting a signature. Now we just call anyone and say, ‘Hey, this went through and you need to approve it.’ And it’s all done electronically.”

To learn more about the savings Bresson was able to achieve with Nexonia, download the Customer Success Story.

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