For the Road Warriors: Mobile Mileage

For the Road Warriors: Mobile Mileage

woman in car on mobile device using mileage managementEvery business traveler—and travel manager, for that matter—has their least favorite expense reporting category. For many, it’s mileage. They dread the manual distance tracking and mileage calculations. Even if your travel expense reporting process is mostly automatic, your employees may still be squinting over hand-scribbled odometer readings and keying numbers and formulas into spreadsheets or old-fashioned calculators.

Business travel mileage can include the distance to and from airports, client sites and restaurants. And it grows with each sales call, every trip between remote offices and with every back-and-forth from the hotel. It adds up to a lot of driving—and a lot of time and effort that needs to be put into preparing expense reports.

The Mobile-Driven Solution

As with so many business challenges today, the answer lies with the smart phones clipped to your employees’ dashboard. Putting a robust mobile expense app like Nexonia Expenses at their fingertips lets them manage their travel expenses from anywhere and everywhere. All your employee needs to do when adding trip mileage to an expense report is to input their origin and destination (not numbers on the odometer). The app maps the route and automatically calculates the distance using your company’s rate of reimbursement.

This mobile functionality makes the process of logging miles and submitting related expenses effortless by eliminating the need to manually calculate the distance they travelled. Plus, the task becomes far less overwhelming, not to mention more accurate and timely. And when integrating a third-party app such as Automatic, their on-the-go expense reporting becomes even more powerful.

Here’s how it works: your employee plugs an adapter into their car’s standard diagnostics (OBD-II) port so it can access the vehicle’s onboard computer. The adaptor wirelessly connects to the driver’s smartphone and provides important information about each trip. Users might see a route map with distance, time, and miles per gallon, and some apps offer suggestions on ways to save money on gas, remember parking spots, and even assist in emergency situations. Most importantly, the app is designed to sort trips and export data for tax reporting and mileage expensing—logged business trips can be added to their Nexonia expense reports with a push of a button.

Driving Near, Far, and Everywhere In-between

With mobile capabilities in place, travel managers won’t need to hear another excuse for late, incomplete or out-of-compliance expense report submissions.

This means happier internal customers with easy automatic mileage tracking and faster expense report reimbursements. Learn more about Nexonia’s mobile expenses app, Nexonia Expenses, and explore the possibilities of a streamlined—and less overwhelming—way for employees to manage their mileage while on the road

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