February 2014 - Customer Newsletter



  • Web:
    • Time Off Released: it takes minutes to set up time off profiles for employees (e.g. PTO, vacation, sickness, etc.). Time Off is a new product from Nexonia.
    • Approvals Resubmit Skip Prior Approvers: you can now modify your approval workflow to skip prior approvers (it's configurable per approval step) when an employee resubmits something that was rejected.
    • Previous Approval: this allow you to see when the last date/time an expense report or timesheet was approved prior to the current approval. It's great for finance teams implementing approval deadlines.
    • Custom Sunshine Act Data Sources: we can now display and integrate specialized Sunshine Act data feeds, including internal customer CRM data.
    • Corporate Credit Card Controls: we've added the ability to limit one statement date per expense report, not submit an expense report if the card statement period is not closed, and even more.
    • Timesheets: can add many rows at the same time.
  • Mobile:
    • Windows Phone: Nexonia Expenses for Windows Phone is ready for our first customers in March.
    • Timesheets: refinements adding new features and policies display.

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