Dynamics GP Newsletter - August 2015



New Features for Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  • eConnect: Small refinements.


  • New Menu: It looks nicer and cleaner and if you scroll the menu will stay at the top. This new look is coming in a month or two to our tables and menus underneath the main menu.
  • Expense Recall: This is a web­-only feature (coming soon to mobile) where employees can now recall submitted expenses not already approved! Gear > Company > Features > Edit > “Allow users to recall a report after submitting”. It’ll send an email to all current and prior approvers to let them know the report has been recalled.
  • Orbitz Travel Integration: We’re up to five travel integrations now! Egencia, nuTravel, Orbitz, GetThere and Atriis.
  • Reference Date: This is a special hidden date field in expenses that can be set to be a number of things, but is mostly used for alignment with a posting date in accounting systems for when you want to extract reports by this posting date. 
  • Export Date and Reference Date Reporting: You now have these dates as reporting run-­time criteria if you want to use them.
  • Region Labeling: You can now re­label “Region” to be whatever you want. For example, some ERPs call it “Subsidiary” and others call it “Entity”.
  • Download Email Addresses Separator: Some emails systems like a comma and others like a semi­-colon, so we’ve added support for both!  
  • All Platforms: Small refinements based on our new UI. However, we received some "quick and easy" refinements as part of our end user survey that we'll be implementing shortly. 
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