December 2013 - NetSuite Newsletter


 NEW FOR December 2013

  • Expenses against Vendors: this is very big news for our NetSuite customers. You can mix and match employees and vendors in our expense interface, including for corporate credit card mapping! This gives you:
    - support for Nexonia users in currencies other than a NetSuite subsidiary currency, because in NetSuite vendors, unlike employees, can be based on a different currency than the subsidiary.
    - support for Nexonia users as vendors, meaning you can have employees set up as vendors or employees.
    - the biggest is that corporate credit cards can now be mapped to vendor records, and vendors can have bill credits, meaning credit card expenses that go into a credit balance will nicely flow over!
  • New PO Listing: it's not equal to the capabilities we have in our expense report and timesheet interfaces, including proxying support.
  • Many, Many PO Refinements: more custom fields, automated ShipTo transfer are just two of the refinements we added (and support for the Vendor Message field too).
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