December 2013 - Customer Newsletter


 NEW FOR December 2013

  • Web:
    • Multi-Select Custom Fields: this feature adds the ability to define a custom field as multi-select so that you can choose several options at once from the list presented.
    • Purchase Order PO Listing Updated: we moved our PO listing to use the same advanced click/double-click as the rest of our interfaces (e.g. expenses and timesheets).
    • Create button for credit card transactions: the new Create button now opens the item editor for each line item (but you can turn off this behaviour with a feature setting).
    • Purchasing Proxies: we now support this as we already do for time and expense.
    • Move Line Items between Expense Reports: we now support this too, just the same as we already do for receipts.
    • Expense Search: there is now a search box on the web for searching expense lines within an expense report.
    • Time Bulk Update: this is only available in some situations, but we'll be extending it to all situations in time plus we'll extend it to expenses.
  • Mobile:
    • MultiAccount & Proxying for iOS Expenses: you can now add multiple Nexonia expense users to your mobile iOS app, plus if you can proxy you can add proxies too (and we'll enforce a PIN in that situation). Just tap on the user/account name at the top of your iOS home screen. This feature is on Android already.
    • iOS and Android Timesheet Approvals & Notifications: you can now approve on your mobile device, and both the approver and the employee will get instant notifications.
    • Windows Phone: we've done lots of work on our expenses app, expected out later in January 2014. Windows Phone timesheets is later in 2014.

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