Customer Newsletter - September 2014



  • Web:
    • New Customer and Project Tabs: we have customers with tens of thousands of customers and projects, and we wanted to scale that nicely. We now display separate customer and project tabs, plus we still have our previous hierarchy tab; if you have a small to medium number of projects that'll still have good performance in your web browser.
    • Multi-Level Customer Hierarchy: if you put a ":" in the customer name, we'll use that to define our hierarchy into dependent select lists, if our new feature is enabled.
    • nuTravel Travel Integration: we have great integration with nuTravel's online booking system, including an embedded web interface, single sign-on and real-time booking data integration. Our first webinar is October7th at 2pm EST.
    • Timesheet Task Category Billable Settings: just like we've had for expenses, you can now use a project billable setting OR you can now control the billable setting per task category.
  • Mobile
    • iOS 8: full support
    • Nexonia Expenses 9.5: multi-step mileage, editable receipt date and amount, plus editable VAT is now available for 10% of our Android users, and during October for all our Android and iOS users.
    • Nexonia Expenses 9.5.1: coming in October is support for our new Nexonia OCR receipt OCR functionality (if you have it enabled in your account).
    • Timesheet UI: new fresh UI coming in October for mobile timesheets.
    • Expense UI: new fresh UI coming for expenses in October/November.

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