Customer Newsletter - November 2014



  • Web:
    • Now With Over 30,000 Credit Card Sources: We've added a third and fourth automated credit card sources for small business and personal cards, meaning we now have over 30,000 potential sources worldwide. We've always done high-fidelity corporate credit cards, but we've now gone from 19,000 card sources to over 30,000 integrations with banks and other financial institutions.
    • Disabled & Deleted Users in the Dropdowns: Any of you administrators will love this. Just add a filter and turn on showing disabled and deleted users. Then look at the names show up under any of our application tabs.
    • Coming Soon - Timers for Timesheets: We're releasing early in December the ability on the web to have unlimited timers; when you switch from one to the other, it'll pause the current one and start the new one. Through December it'll have start/stop support as well (including rounding). We'll also enhance our mobile timer to be able to support this new unlimited timer model.
  • Mobile:
    • Nexonia Expenses 9.6: Nexonia OCR on mobile (auto-OCR) plus easily accessible editable receipt date and amount (totally awesome auto-matching to credit card charges). We actually feel the easier access to editable receipt data will mean nobody will want the mobile Nexonia OCR capabilities, but we'll have both! iOS and Android available in December.
    • Nexonia Timesheets New UI: Early December Android update with our latest mobile UI. Late December for iOS.

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