Customer Newsletter - May 2014



  • Web:
    • Modern, Less Cluttered Web Interface: we've removed the gradients, eliminated the rounded corners and now we're continuing to refine our interface to make it cleaner and more elegant.
    • Timesheet Location Tracking: now you can see where your mobile users are when they recorded their time. Not only that, but it's integrated with Google Maps!
    • Timesheet GeoFencing: you can now enter GPS locations for your projects and then we'll tell you how close to the projects your teams were when they recorded their time!
    • Work-Day Cutoffs: a great addition to our other cutoff settings.
    • Receipt Exporting using TIFF: one of our customers asked for a single multipage TIFF for exporting receipts, so you know we said yes. :)
    • Policy Violation for Minimum Amounts: some customers require claimable expenses be above a minimum amount, and we now support that too!
  • Mobile:
    • lots of small refinements
    • watch out in July for our new mobile user interfaces!

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