Customer Newsletter - June 2014



  • Web:
    • Expense Duplicate Detection: if you turn this on, your finance teams and all administrators can see system-wide possible duplicate entries. Not only that, but you can even look at the receipt pictures for the potential duplicates and even "clear" the duplicate icon for an entry.
    • New Status Icons: the icons are now less obtrusive and more in keeping with our streamlined web interface.
    • Project Types in Approvals: you can now using project types as an approval process routing criteria
    • CC Expense Multi-Date with Different Start Date: this means for credit card charges we can now no longer assume the start date of a multi-date choice is the date of the credit card charge.
    • More Expense Attendees Options: you can now make the person creating the expense part of the required attendees (or not).
    • Memo Requirement only on Policy Violation: another requested expense policy option!
    • Timesheet Task Categories by Employee: If you use timesheets and your task categories are manually managed, this can be a big productivity and timesaver!
    • Pseudo Statement-Date Option: for small business card integrations where we don't get the statement date explicitly from the bank data feed.
  • Mobile:
    • Flatter UI with new icons
    • Design underway for August/September release of new UI
    • Lots of smaller refinements
    • BlackBerry 10 update to match iOS, Android and Windows Phone UI and features

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