Customer Newsletter - July 2014



  • Web:
    • Multi-stepMileage: now you have have up to 6 stops in one mileage entry, and "round trip" will now close the circle.
    • Nexonia OCR: this is the first phase of a three phase rollout of our server side OCR capability. Phase two is to add it to mobile and phase three is to add even more OCR sources to our capabilities.
    • nuTravel Travel Integration: now you have four travel systems to integrate with. nuTravel joins our integrations with GetThere, Atriis and Egencia.
    • Lower Resolution Receipts in Approvals: you'll now see a half-filled circle icon in the top right when viewing a receipt where you can change to view images in approvals at a lower resolution. This will speed up receipt viewing if you have a slower speed internet connection.
    • Timesheet Standard Costs: now you can set the costs in all the same ways as you can rates.
  • Mobile:
    • lots of work on upcoming updates for multi-step mileage, Nexonia OCR and editable VAT.
    • UI revamp coming in August & September.

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