Customer Newsletter - January 2015




  • Salesforce Integration: We've had some Salesforce integration for a while, but this year we're taking it to a new level. Q1 and Q2 will see more features added throughout, to the point where we'll be able to post expense costs against Salesforce Accounts and Opportunities. This month we've enhanced our Account and Opportunity syncing and February through the end of Q2 will see a lot more refinements coming.
  • Credit Cards: We have over 30,000 credit card transaction sources (including all corporate cards), but we're going back and refining our card integration capabilities to provide more easy­to­see status levels to make your administration even easier.
  • VAT on Split Items: We changed our entire split model here to support better pre­ tax display and calculations for all our international customers. Combined with our awesome tax calculations (including on mobile) this makes us the world's best VAT tracking system we've ever seen (ERPs included) – well, we were that even before this enhancement. :)
  • Annual Spending Limits by Category: We've implemented the ability to set per­ user spending limits for expense categories and to use these limits in submission limits for expenses. 


  • Nexonia Expenses 10 is Coming Soon: We can't wait to release our new UI for mobile expenses. It's clean, it's beautiful and it's functional. You'll see it coming in February for Android and March/April for iOS. In case you were wondering, we build for Android first because Apple has a mandatory 5­7 day waiting period before our app changes are approved and with new big changes we prefer to build first for Android because there's no waiting period. If we make a mistake, we don't want our customers inconvenienced for almost a week, which would be the case for an iOS issue.
  • Nexonia Timesheets New UI: We've released our new UI out for Android and it's beautiful. iOS is in testing and we expect to post it to Apple for their review within the next week.
  • Nexonia Time Off: We're starting work on this in February! 

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