Customer Newsletter - December 2014



  • Web:
    • Regional View/Edit: Our customers with global or divided enterprises will love this feature! You just enable certain roles to have Read or Edit access to regions the user is assigned to, and immediately they'll see all time, expense or other data...just for those regions and not others! You turn it on in Roles and then you edit the users to be active for "Other Regions." It takes seconds to set up!
    • Timers for Timesheets: We said we'd deliver it and we did...very cool unlimited timers on the web. You can move back and forth between the timers and when you stop them at the end of the day your timesheet gets filled in. You'll never miss a billable minute! During Q1 we'll also enhance our mobile timer to be able to support this new unlimited timer model.
    • Filtering Expense Categories by Role: Yes, we now have this requested feature fully available.
  • Mobile:
    • Nexonia Expenses 9.6: We said we'd release it and we did! Nexonia OCR on mobile (auto-OCR) plus easily accessible editable receipt date and amount (totally awesome auto-matching to credit card charges). We actually feel the easier access to editable receipt data will mean nobody will want the mobile Nexonia OCR capabilities, but we'll have both! iOS and Android available in December.
    • Nexonia Timesheets New UI: December saw our Android update with our latest mobile UI and it's really awesome. You'll see it for iOS in late January.
    • What's Next on Mobile: The team has got a great new Expense UI in the works for later in Q1, but first they're moving our mobile apps on iOS to full 64 bit support. Also later in January we're kicking off development of our Time Off mobile clients...and the team is really looking forward to doing some world-leading UI design on that!

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