Choosing the Right Expense Solution for Your Intacct ERP: AcctTwo

Choosing the Right Expense Solution for Your Intacct ERP: AcctTwo

Marcus Wagner, CEO AcctTwo

Besides the already great pre-built features that its users can take advantage of, Intacct also partners with over 200 software solution providers that provide added functionality to your company’s financial process. Through Intacct’s open API, Intacct customers can take advantage of the variety of specialized solutions built for Intacct. Whether you want to connect your company’s CRM, ecommerce, or payroll systems to your ERP, the Intacct Marketplace has an abundance of solutions that fit the bill.

If you’re in the market for an expenses app that will flow report information directly into your Intacct account, you’ve got some options. A quick look at the Intacct Marketplace and it would appear that there’s almost a dozen different expense report software solutions that connect with Intacct. That’s a lot of options, which is great for you because you can choose a solution that actually fits your company’s precise needs. So, when deciding on which expense solution to choose, where do you even start?

AcctTwo, a valued partner and three time recipient of Intacct’s President’s Club Business Partner of the Year award, has been helping companies achieve quick growth by providing a combination of technology and services to automate financial processes and reporting. AcctTwo’s CEO and founder, Marcus Wagner, has more than 20 years of experience working with small, medium, and large companies in the areas of financial accounting and auditing, and routinely looks for new software solutions that can integrate with his clients’ systems.  

Marcus and his team discovered Nexonia through the Intacct ecosystem and “immediately saw the value that Nexonia could bring to [their] customers,” adding Nexonia to their suite of partners. Here, Marcus weighs in on what makes Nexonia a valuable Intacct partner and an asset to his clients.

Get Your Expense Software Up and Running Faster

“As an Intacct partner, the first thing that Nexonia helps us do is bring immediate value and return on investment to our C-suite buyers by giving immediate benefit to the CEO, COO or the sales team who are on the road a lot. Implementing accounting software can sometimes be very painful for companies, so being able to bring Nexonia - a product that's easy to implement - provides us with a quick win, which is always nice.

We've had many reports of successes when referring Nexonia to our customers, with our clients finding the Nexonia implementation process to be very fast. Many people have trepidation about implementing new software and it's almost as if they can't believe how quickly their Nexonia account gets put in place.”

Directly Connect Expense Information with Your Intacct Account

“Nexonia's Intacct integration helps our customers tremendously by automatically pushing approved expense reports from Nexonia directly into Intacct, while also syncing all the master data between the two systems. Those of you who are familiar with Intacct or familiar with “Dimensions” - whether that's departments, projects, customers or vendors - there's a bi-directional sync between Intacct and Nexonia that just makes it a breeze to work with.

Nexonia is also fantastic because of all the automation it provides! No one enjoys doing expense reports, so being able to have a tool that can download your credit card transactions for you and can auto-suggest coding categories is amazing.”

Mobile Expense Apps Make Business Travel a Breeze

“Nexonia's proved to be a real value-add in the markets we serve because they provide expense reporting features that Intacct might not have the capabilities for, such as mobile device capabilities. With Nexonia’s apps, not only can you review an expense report or a timesheet, but you can actually create reports on your mobile phone. Nexonia stands out because it allows you to work on your mobile expense reports while offline. So many of us find ourselves on airplanes without WiFi, wishing that we could make use of that time. Being able to finish up an expense report using Nexonia’s app offline provides tremendous value.

I also personally love being able to go to a restaurant, pay for my meal, take a picture of my receipt and simply walk away without carrying all of that paper with me in my life. There have just been a ton of benefits in working with Nexonia.”

Responsive Team Helping You Get What You Need, When You Need It

“The other thing that I would add about Nexonia beyond just the technology is the organization is just a joy to work with. They're very responsive to us as a partner. We've had last minute demo requests be met without any hesitation. Many times, Nexonia comes into a sales cycle with us in just the right way without going too broad. Instead, they complement the solution that we're bringing to the table to our client, with what they bring to the table, which is best-in-class spend solution. So it's really been a win-win for us, Nexonia and our customers.”

For an indepth look into how Nexonia and Intacct work together, check out our video on managing expense reports with Nexonia’s Intacct integration, or book a time to get a personalized demonstration for you and your team.

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