Book Business Travel With Confidence, and Within Policy

Shane Ernest
Book Business Travel With Confidence, and Within Policy

Announcing Nexonia Travel

In a world of remote meetings and social media, the power of business travel shouldn’t be underestimated—especially when it comes to shoring up fresh relationships and building new business. 

According to a landmark study by Oxford Economics, the return on every dollar used for a business trip is nearly 850 percent the expense, leading to 190 percent in profit as a result. Few other marketing or sales activities have the same magnitude of impact.

Which brings up an important business question. Does your company have a travel policy in place? And if so, how do you enforce it? According to Certify’s 201 8 Expense Management Trends Report, one in five companies have no category limits in place—making any business trip a risky investment. 

How might we make booking corporate travel—whether by land, sea, or air—an elegant process that keeps itineraries within company policy? With Nexonia Travel, you can take the grind out of finding the right itinerary and bring a productivity boost back to business travel.

Book everything, from anywhere

A great solution is only useful if it’s being used across the organization. This is especially true with software and technology. If it doesn’t work perfectly the first time, it’s probably too late to gain trust back from the end users.

That’s why we set out to make Nexonia Travel the easiest way to book all your corporate travel. Your employees won’t need to check every line of your company’s 60-page travel policy—and your finance team won’t need to spend painful hours manually checking for violations. 

The lowest fare, all within policy

Using our powerful booking tool, your business travelers are guaranteed the lowest logical fare. They will be shown travel options that align with your corporate travel policy and preferred vendors. 

This makes things easy and cost-effective. Rather than allowing all possibilities to flood a traveler’s screen and cause complexity, a simple, curated list will appear. Multiply this by all the business trips company-wide, and the savings can be considerable. 

Keeping track of your travelers

You have a responsibility to help keep your employees safe while traveling for work. And let’s face it, even without the legal obligation, you want to ensure that everyone makes it back home safe and sound.

In the unlikely event of a health or travel advisory, your company can connect with your traveling employees within minutes, so arrangements can be made for their well-being.

See travel spend before it happens

Your finance team needs accurate and up-to-date information to perform their best work, and having employees book their own travel can cloud finance’s ability to account for this spend. With Nexonia Travel, your finance team will have complete visibility into travel expense, down to preferred travel vendors, and even the percent of trips with car rentals or hotel stays.

Quick and easy access to the platform’s analytics means your team will get the data they need to negotiate contracts and secure the best possible corporate rates.

Friendly for all

The user-experience—delighting business travelers and travel managers alike—was front and center when we set out to revolutionize business travel booking. 

Our elegant interface and easy-to-use software ensure that employees of every generation find booking travel simple and quick. (And dare we say, even a little fun.) Because your employees can set up their travel profile to match their exact preferences, each business trip will be just the way they like it.

When arranging travel is simple and efficient—and your employees can effortlessly navigate policy—they will have more energy to focus on work that matters, and enjoy business trips that are positive and productive.

Want to give your team the ability to book travel that’s within policy, while giving your finance team the insight into travel spend they need to succeed? Check out Nexonia Travel to learn more, or send us an email to setup a personalized demo with a product specialist.

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