August 2013 - Customer Newsletter


 NEW FOR August 2013

  • Web:
    • New Receipt Management: we worked for months on giving you the ability to do a lot more with our receipt management tools, and after launch we even added more refinements thanks to your feedback (watch the video)
      • You now have receipt filters (linked/not linked) when adding line items
      • Clicking on green paperclips now shows only the linked receipts (but you can change that)
      • Our Receipts button launches a fullscreen page that gives you a lot more space, and on that page you can even add line items from receipts (we borrowed this from our mobile apps)
    • 19,000+ Credit & Debit Card Companies Worldwide: We've supported automated 250 USA banks and manual file uploads for years, but now we're supporting 19,000+ banks for credit and debit cards worldwide (read the press release). We're enabling it for most of our customers on August 23rd!

    • Other attendees: your company can enable the "Other Attendees" feature under Setup > Company > Features so that you can just list a count of the remaining attendees and not have to itemize each person

  • Mobile:
    • Android's New Interface: this is coming in a few days and will be just like our iOS app, but we wanted to let you know now :)
    • Refined Timesheet Interface: available August 22nd on our mobile platforms

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