AcctTwo on the Future of Finance

Shane Ernest
AcctTwo on the Future of Finance

What if your finance and accounting teams could see into the future? What kind of insight could they gather and use to keep the company heading in the right direction? With the right technology, your finance team can now come very close to this.

At our recent Nexonia conference in Chicago, Bri Adams, Customer Success Manager at AcctTwo, shared her finance and accounting wisdom. As a trusted Sage Intacct partner, AcctTwo has implemented complete financial systems for over 500 clients in multiple industries.

And they have the accolades to prove it. Sage Intacct awarded AcctTwo Partner of the Year every year since 2014 for their exceptional service and deep commitment to helping clients succeed. And if that’s not enough, this is the seventh year AcctTwo has made Sage Intacct’s President’s Club—a distinction reserved for top-performing partners.

Adams’ presentation, The Future of Finance and Accounting, was packed with actionable advice to help finance teams of all sizes prepare for the future. Here are some of the highlights:

From historians to data scientists

Adams reminded us all that until recently, accountants have acted more like historians. They crunched numbers from past years, which only informed the organization of where they had been—not where they were headed.

Managing costly manual processes and reacting to historical data only further removed finance teams from thinking towards the future. However, with changes in technology we’re fast approaching an era when systems of record are transforming into systems of intelligence.

And that transformation in finance is accelerating.

Accounting teams can now see the health of the organization in real-time, with immense granularity of reporting. Seeing the fiscal health of the business can happen with a few clicks from a treasurer or CEO—creating a custom report allows them to make strategic decisions with immense agility.

Finance and Accounting teams will still make similar decisions as they do today, except technology will enable them to do so with more accuracy and sophistication than ever before.

Better integrations create better insights

This is also the era of integrations. Tight integrations improve efficiency and productivity—no matter the company size or industry. AcctTwo uses Nexonia to free up their finance teams to focus on value-added activities, reducing manual entries with our unbeatable integrations. And with technology like Nexonia and Sage Intacct, organizations of all sizes can free up their teams to focus on more important tasks, instead of dealing with clunky, error-prone manual processes.

With tight integrations between platforms, data is captured cleanly and seamlessly, offering instant visibility to every team member. The reduce in errors has the added benefit of giving leadership teams the confidence they need to accurately plan. Ultimately, technology lets organizations grow faster, maximize their current resources, and make life easier for everyone.

Become the trusted adviser

Better data leads to better insights. And having a suite of software that works in tandem to make the health of the business visible for all teams is essential to gaining the most from automated technology.

Adams emphasized how by having strategic partners helping finance handle day-to-day tasks, the in-house finance team isn’t stuck at their desks crunching numbers all day. With an outsourced account team, the finance team gets a chance to collaborate with other departments, gaining a holistic view of the flow of business through the company.

Future finance roles will need to be more strategic than reactive. With expertise in identifying trends, spotting opportunities, and delivering strategic plans to achieve real business goals, your F&A team can add immense value to the organization.

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