5 Apps to Help Entrepreneurs Save Time & Money While You’re On the Move

5 Apps to Help Entrepreneurs Save Time & Money While You’re On the Move

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Your startup company: in the beginning, it was an idea, a dream that inspired you to hire a few vital employees—and then some more. And just like that, it’s a reality. You’re making it happen, making connections, getting to know your customers and prospective customers. Most importantly, you’re learning what works—and what doesn’t.

If there’s one thing you can put to work for you, it’s technology, especially when the “office” is your car, the airport or a hotel room. Taking advantage of anytime, anyplace mobile-enabled technology lets you focus on what you do best: building your business. Here are some apps to accompany your on-the-go work style:

Stay Healthy: Fitbit

When you’re on the way up—with people to meet and deals to make—you can’t afford to get sick. You won’t lose a beat as long as you’re eating well and exercising, and tracking your efforts has been shown to maximize success. That’s why PCMag.com names the Fitbit app among the 25 best fitness apps. It works with or without their popular fitness tracker to help you count calories, record workouts and log weight and other health information so you remain accountable to your wellness anywhere you go.

Engage Your Brain: NPR

Your professional development has an impressive trajectory, so leverage downtime (if you have any!) to expand your knowledge and pick up insights you can use wherever life takes you. Adecco recommends tapping into the National Public Radio (NPR) app to stay on top of business headlines and take a deep dive into your favorite issues with both archived and up-to-the-minute news spanning multiple industries. Plus, you’ll enjoy coverage on topics relevant to your personal interests, too.

Collaborate 24/7: Google Docs

True, there are loads of digital solutions to help busy professionals stay in touch with coworkers, but our pick for keeping current with digital assets is Google Docs. It enables you to access files from anywhere—and on any device via your web browser or the Google Docs app—and share them with your colleagues. By keeping your cloud-based documents, spreadsheets, multimedia files and more safe and in-sync with your specified devices, it’s easy to stay productive on the road, even when you’re offline.

Manage T&E: Nexonia Expenses

As your startup picks up speed, you’ll find that your traditionally manual tasks—like managing expenses—can slow you down and become a major drain on resources. What’s more, T&E expenses are critical to wooing and winning new clients so you need to stay on top of them. The sooner you put your entire business and travel expense reporting process into a streamlined, end-to-end solution, the better. The Nexonia Expenses app enables you to take control of your expenses while providing the visibility you need to maximize your T&E policies and budget.  

Automate Payroll: Nexonia Timesheets

If you haven’t figured this out already, managing your growing company’s finances gets more complicated as you hire new people and expand your suite of employee benefits. Now is the time to automate processes and simplify workforce administration with flexible tools that scale. Our cloud-based Nexonia Timesheets app saves time by serving as your one-stop-shop to track billable hours, log vacation and sick days and calculate time for payroll. And since you can create, edit and approve entries from anywhere—online or offline—you can do what you need to do when it’s most convenient for you. Back to Blog