3 Reasons Why Payroll’s Got To Keep Up with the Times

3 Reasons Why Payroll’s Got To Keep Up with the Times

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As the title suggests, your Payroll system has to keep up with the times - or rather - keep up with the timesheets. If your company’s payroll administrators are busy picking hanging chads off of punch cards or manually entering employees’ pencil-marked timesheets into software, here’s a look into the future.

In his paper on HR Technology for 2016: 10 Big Disruptions on the Horizon, Human Resources thought leader and Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Josh Bersin, tells tales of “consumerized” HR tools for employee use. Additionally, he lists and explains HR system integrations that streamline processes and HR-derived data analytics, helping to inform company strategy. Far from prophetic, these innovations are already here—and they’re a far cry from paper timesheets, punch-cards and time clocks.

When it comes to HR productivity, there’s no turning back. Payroll administrators are turning to intuitive, automated solutions that simplify their workflow and provide “anytime, anywhere” access. Let’s explore the reasons why:


To state the obvious, technology has made an incredible impact on how people work. Back office automation is big business, and hardware, software and cloud-based solutions are now within budgetary reach of most organizations. Whether investment in new tech is driven by costs or culture or a combination of both, more companies are committed to paperless initiatives—and payroll is a big part of it.


Demographics are an important consideration for business administrators, as more Millennials make their way into the employee ranks and start asserting their need for technological flexibility. Workforce Distribution is another point of discussion, as it’s becoming easier to work from-anywhere—at home or on the road. Telecommuters are making up a bigger portion of today’s workforce, and these employees expect to leverage new forms of technology to communicate with coworkers. That includes using web-based, mobile-enabled payroll systems that make it easy for employees to clock-in and out (often at odd hours) and perform self-service tasks like checking their accrued vacation time balance.


Traditionally considered a mundane back-office function, payroll is moving front and center. Today, payroll has more to brag about, thanks to digital technology that puts crunchable administrative data at decision-makers’ fingertips. Payroll is delivering real value, as insights into workforce productivity, labor costs and more can be put to work in optimizing operations. Plus, when the time-consuming elements of a payroll admin’s job are automated, the department can take better care of employees’ questions or work on other projects that make an impact on the bottom-line.


Nexonia Timesheets and its powerful mobile app puts modern-day payroll administration at your fingertips, end-to-end and in the cloud. Not only does it let your employees track their hours from anywhere, Nexonia Timesheets can be integrated with your existing systems to give you a more streamlined approval and payment process as well as enhanced reporting capabilities. You’ll be able to set automated timesheet reminders so that you don’t have to chase employees who miss their submission deadlines. And, integrated with Nexonia Time Off, vacation accruals and paid time off tracking will be seamless. Finally, you’ll be able to focus on more strategic endeavors—and consider those manual timekeeping practices a thing of the past.

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