3 Reasons to Go Mobile With Your Employee Expense Reporting

3 Reasons to Go Mobile With Your Employee Expense Reporting

Business traveler using mobile expense reportingEmployee T&E expenses are a significant part of your company’s budget, and with good reason: your corporate travelers are on the road, building relationships with partners and clients — and boosting business along the way. Make sure your expense report process is the best it can be. Make it mobile!

It’s easy and convenient for business travelers—and their administrative teams back at the office—to leverage the technology they’re already using in their personal lives. Mobile expense report apps let their smartphones and tablets do double duty, and since they integrate with your ERP and accounting software, workflow efficiencies are created all around. Here’s why. Mobile expense reports are:

1. Simpler to Submit on Time

Business travelers with a mobile device and an app don’t have to bother toting a paper folder or envelope around to hold their dog-eared receipts. They can track their expenses while they’re traveling, as they go—they don’t have to wait until they’re back at the office, when the last thing they want to do is enter expenses into a spreadsheet and staple receipts together for manual reconciliation by the HR department. They can create, edit, and submit expense reports from anywhere, at any time, right on their mobile device. This also means they’re reimbursed faster.

2. More Accurate

Those dog-eared paper receipts can get lost—and the longer they’re carried around, the harder they are to read. But when a business traveler can use their device’s camera to take a picture of a receipt and quickly link it to an expense item, the expense is clearly documented. The same applies to credit card expenses they automatically pull in to the expense report through integration with the mobile app. This results in higher-quality documentation and greater compliance with their T&E policy. Plus, it gives finance greater visibility into spend.

3. Easier to Administer

If your organization is moving away from keying data into Excel spreadsheets, spending time matching receipts to recorded expenses, or cutting physical checks, a mobile component to expense reporting will get you there faster. Since reports (and all of their documentation) are submitted online, they can also be reviewed and approved online with just a few clicks. Integration with your existing systems adds yet another layer of automation. And consider how this helps your team cut down on paper and lessen the human error that comes with any manual process.

With so much of your organization’s success riding on their activities, make sure your corporate spenders are managing their expenses efficiently. That means staying on top of what they spend while they’re on-the-go and making the most of their constant companions: the mobile devices they carry in their pockets and briefcases or clip to their belt hooks. This day and age, it just makes sense that their smartphones and tablets become part of the expense report process.

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