ExpenseWatch Has Joined Nexonia

We are excited to announce that ExpenseWatch and Nexonia are now one team!

Together, we are committed to empowering our customers to keep spending with confidence by continuing to deliver quality support to all of our loyal ExpenseWatch customers. Please be assured that there will be no interruption of service at any time. ExpenseWatch and Nexonia look forward to serving you for years to come.

ExpenseWatch Automated Expense Reports

ExpenseWatch is an online expense management system that automates expense reporting for your entire organization — from expense report creation to approval to reimbursement. At every step of the expense report process, ExpenseWatch improves efficiency and empowers your employees to perform at their best.

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ExpenseWatch Purchasing

A complete online system for how your organization buys goods and services. Everything is automated – with access to online company catalogs and punch-out to preferred vendors, users can create and approve purchase requisitions, purchase orders, packing list reconciliation and invoices, all the way through to payments – reducing or eliminating the need for paper. At every step, your employees are empowered to efficiently and effectively perform their role in the purchasing process.

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ExpenseWatch Card

Discover the expense management solution that allows you to enable employee spending while maintaining complete control.

Manage where and when each card can be used, empower spending, even with online purchasing vendors, eliminate the risks inherent with credit, cash and checks, import purchase data directly into ExpenseWatch.

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ExpenseWatch Payable Invoices

A paperless, online system for vendor invoices. Turn piles of vendor invoices into a comprehensive payable invoice management system. At every step, your employees are empowered with the right tools to efficiently and effectively perform their role in creating, approving and paying vendor invoices.

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ExpenseWatch Professional Services

Every business is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of professional services that can be designed to enhance your organization’s growing use of the system. From scalable testing environments to customized reporting services, ExpenseWatch’s expert Customer Satisfaction team is available to ensure your organization can Spend with Confidence.

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