Customer Success

Our Customer Success Managers

Our Customer Success Team sets us apart by providing customers with a collaborative, constant, human connection.

Every Nexonia customer is partnered with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) from the moment you sign up for our services. Your CSM is your relationship partner, helping you get started on the right track as you work with our client services teams during implementation, onboarding and ongoing support. Your CSM is available as a strategic account advisor, to help you achieve your goals on our products and services, and ensure continued success and value when using Nexonia.

What does a CSM do?

Here’s just a sampling of how your CSMs can assist, either directly or through our Change Management Process:

  • Lead account reviews and track performance plan progress
  • Empower administrators to optimize their configuration
  • Implement a new ERP integration for a non-integrated Nexonia instance
  • Transition an ERP-integrated Nexonia instance to a new ERP
  • Make changes that necessitate additional or alternate Nexonia instances
  • Add a new chart of accounts
  • Overhaul expense categories
  • Define custom export files
  • Create custom import files
  • Configure advanced VAT tables
  • Implement a new Nexonia module

Additional administrative support
For customers that want to offload the administration of Nexonia, we offer an Emburse Solution Administrator. Your ESA is a Nexonia employee that will work with you from the start of your implementation. Customers that have opted in for Emburse Solution Administrator benefit from:

  • Large scale configuration changes managed by someone who understands your Nexonia instance inside and out
  • Project management for large software changes like a new ERP or accounting system migration
  • Additional Nexonia product implementations, that are included with the cost of ESA

Turn your expense management goals into a reality.

Your organization purchased Nexonia for a reason. We want to help you realize the value through quantifiable, measurable goals.

With a relationship anchored in learning what success means to you, your CSM will be an active partner in delivering a more human working experience for everyone.

Ready to see Nexonia for yourself?