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4 Steps to a Successful System Integration

You’re looking forward to enjoying more freedom and flexibility in managing your employee expense reports, timesheets and/or account payables. But first, you have to connect your new cloud-based service to your in-house accounting or ERP system. Since Nexonia’s specialty is deep and highly configurable system integrations, your implementation process is sure to be smooth and steady.

How to Ensure Your Business is DCAA-Compliant

Do you know if you’re compliant? The Defence Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) has a strict set of rules for companies providing services to Department of Defense agencies. Management policies, financial systems, accounting reliability, cost reasonableness and other aspects of the service must comply with DCAA standards. Nexonia, with its extensive features, fast implementation and cost-effectiveness, provides seamless DCAA-compliant time and expense-tracking, with a multitude of billing capabilities.

8 Benefits of Using a Timesheet/Time Off Software Application

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: manually creating paper timesheets is a pain in the butt…for everyone involved! Employees often begrudgingly pencil in their time, sometimes fudging their hours because they’ve fallen behind on their timesheets and now can’t remember what they worked last week or last month.