Show Me The Money! Automating Expense Reporting: What’s the ROI?

Automating business expense reporting is becoming more and more popular, as businesses look to increase efficiency and streamline their accounts. If your organization is still living in the dark ages of manual data entry and spreadsheets, then integrating a cloud-based expense reporting software application with your existing ERP (such as Intacct, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks or similar) will streamline these processes and save you and your organization time and money.

By |November 19th, 2014|Blog, Expense Reports|

Enhancement of Bill.com Integration

We've added more features to our Bill.com integration for even better expense reporting experience. Now customers, projects, departments, locations, classes as well as payment status will be automatically synced from Bill.com account into Nexonia Expenses application. It means that the mentioned fields will appear in your Nexonia account and completed expenses will be transferred to Bill.com with all these dimensions filled in. Payment status syncing means that users will be automatically notified when their expenses are paid out of Bill.com. Have a look at our press release about this enhancement.

By |December 17th, 2013|Blog, Expense Reports|

Expense reports against Salesforce.com Opportunities

Do you know how much your potential customers really cost you? Well... now you can have a better picture. Nexonia expense reports integrated with Salesforce.com Opportunity allow you to track your spendings on a particular prospect. This way you can make a much better business decision based on a better ROI calculations. Check our press release for more details.

By |November 20th, 2013|Blog, Expense Reports|
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