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    How Business Travelers Can Live Like a Local

How Business Travelers Can Live Like a Local

Business travelers have a stressful job. From last minute flight changes to lost luggage, the on-the-go lifestyle takes a toll on the traveler. But with the rise of technology, many aspects of business travel have gotten easier—things like finding a ride (Uber, Lyft), getting a last minute hotel (Airbnb, HotelTonight), or getting a meal are now simplified and can be completed with a few button taps. But what if you want to take your stay in a new city one step further?

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Tips To Engage Your Employees In Business Travel Planning

Business travelers hop into cabs, take to the airways and check into hotel rooms day in and day out. They’re meeting with clients, consulting with business partners, and possibly even burning the midnight oil while they’re in a faraway city. They’re out there working hard for the company, and from buying cups of coffee to paying checked-baggage fees, they’re racking up expenses at every turn. To make sure they’re keeping track of their spending—and upholding the integrity of your T&E policy—it helps to involve employees in the travel planning process.

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3 Reasons to Go Mobile With Your Employee Expense Reporting

Employee T&E expenses are a significant part of your company’s budget, and with good reason: your corporate travelers are on the road, building relationships with partners and clients — and boosting business along the way. Make sure your expense report process is the best it can be. Make it mobile!

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How to Get More Out of Your Corporate Credit Card: Nexonia Expenses & American Express (video)

As a Nexonia Expenses customer, you might not be aware of the different corporate credit card options that are available to you. You likely have a corporate credit card that’s already being put to use, but if you’re not seeing the added benefits that having a personalized corporate account can offer, your business may not be leveraging the possibilities that a tailored payment program can provide.

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Four Things That Should Be on Every Business Traveller’s Wishlist

Travelling for work can have a variety of benefits. However, it can also become a logistical and financial headache. Delayed flights, slow traffic, long customs lines, lack of sleep (or battery life) and constantly living out of a suitcase can take a toll on even the most seasoned business traveller.

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    Tricks of the Trade Show

Tricks of the Trade Show

        It’s 7am and you find yourself sipping a coffee while wandering the inside of an almost-empty convention center. You’re sizing up the booth branded with your company logo and information; comparing it to your competitor’s booth two rows over. You’re confident that the advancements to your product this year have put you a cut above the rest. Your team has worked tirelessly on presenting everything in a simple, informative, and eye-catching manner. You’re wondering if you’ll get more foot traffic than last year. You’ve got an hour before doors open to tweak the arrangement of your

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    Cost of Business Travel and How You Can Save

Cost of Business Travel and How You Can Save

Year after year, as the average cost of a business trip is increasing, companies are spending big money on business-related travel. From meeting with current and prospective clients to attending industry expositions, there is never a shortage of reasons for employees to pack a suitcase and hit the road. But all the costs associated with these trips end up inevitably being paid out of the company coffers. So just how much does it cost? Well let’s take a look. The average daily aggregate of land transportation, meals, and accommodations (known as the Corporate Travel Index) rose by 1.6% up to

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