• Whitepaper Recipe for Compliance

    Nexonia Whitepaper: Recipe for Compliance

Nexonia Whitepaper: Recipe for Compliance

Your corporate expense policy lives or dies by compliance. But the traditional approach - spreadsheets, disconnected systems, a process of handoffs and approvals - isn’t sustainable. Employees view these processes as a chore; and, because at least part of the process tends to happen manually, non-compliance and errors are frequent and often undetected, leaving you vulnerable to waste and fraud. In order to be and stay fully compliant, you will need a strong Expense Management solution, based around 7 essential ingredients. DOWNLOAD

By |January 16th, 2017|Whitepapers|

Whitepaper: Never Fall Behind: How AP Technology is Turbocharging Visibility and Effectiveness for CFOs

The gap between the most effective accounts payable (AP) processes and the rest is huge: the time it takes to process a single invoice rises from 3.6 days at best-in-class organizations to a stunning 16.6 days across the rest, according to PayStream Advisors. This is why the cost to process an invoice varies by more than 500%: there is a problem here, and a solution can have a meaningful impact on an organization’s bottom line. DOWNLOAD

By |August 2nd, 2016|Whitepapers|

Whitepaper: Attention CFOs: Your T&E Process May Be At Risk

Managing and monitoring employee travel and entertainment (T&E) costs and company expenses is a major area of focus for companies both large and small. In order to operate efficiently and meet all required accountabilities, it's necessary to establish the right tools and processes to ensure the highest accuracy rates with internal and external compliance. DOWNLOAD

By |July 29th, 2016|Whitepapers|

Whitepaper: Key Considerations for Selecting Expense Management Software

There can be a lot to take into account when selecting an expense management software solution. At Nexonia, we mean it when we say that we’re passionate about delighting our customers. As part of our dedication to helping you determine the best fit for your company, we’ve put together a series of questions to guide you through the process of an expense management solution that your finance leaders, administrators, and users will love! DOWNLOAD

By |November 19th, 2015|Whitepapers|
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