Customer Newsletter – December 2015

WHAT'S NEW ON THE WEB Timesheets Entries Partially Completed: We now support the saving of timesheets in an incomplete state, but with prevention of submission until they’re fully filled in. PO Linking to AP Bills: An oft-requested feature that’s now available! Time Off Recall: Now your employees can recall a Time Off entry, even if it’s approved, as long as it’s for a future date. Don’t forget we support expense recall as a setting too, and our next release of our mobile expense apps will support recall (but only for submitted, not approved expenses). Duplicate Flagging for Corporate Credit Cards:

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Customer Newsletter – November 2015

NEW FOR NOVEMBER 2015 Web: Bamboo HR HRIS Integration: Now you can have Bamboo auto-populate employees in Nexonia. If you use Bamboo, this is awesome news! Manual Match and Merge: This is a web-only feature (mobile coming early 2016) where you can now merge any existing manual expense entry with a credit card transaction, making it a credit card entry going forward. Time Off Now Editable in Timesheets: Now you can add and edit time off from within the timesheet interface, in addition to our Time Off interface. Time Off Seniority-Accruals: Now if you have rules for staff getting more vacation time depending on

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Customer Newsletter – October 2015

NEW FOR OCTOBER 2015 Web: New Main Expense/Time Listings: Hot on the heels of our home page re-design we’ve now added our updated UI to our main expense and time listings. Yes, you’ll see the core interface in both products get this treatment, not to mention our other products. Please stay tuned and look out for the updates in the coming weeks. Export Date as a Reporting Selection Criteria: You asked for it and you’ve got it! Duplicate Detection Criteria Now Includes Category: It’s a new option we’ve made available for you! Timesheet Durations Using Military Time: We now support entering time in this

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Customer Newsletter – September 2015

NEW FOR SEPTEMBER 2015 Web: New Homepage: Our homepage has changed to be more elegant and useful, including download links for our mobile apps if a user has Expenses and/or Timesheets enabled. There is more to come here, going forward! Expense Category Export/Import: If you have big lists of expense categories and want to make bulk changes, you can now perform them in Excel! Time Off Interface Refinements: New tooltips and refinements to the interface. Time Off Holiday/Timesheets Integration: Coming soon in October. Time Off Seniority Rules: This optional setting is also coming in October. As employees grow in years with the

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Customer Newsletter – August 2015

NEW FOR AUGUST 2015 Web: New Menu: It looks nicer and cleaner and if you scroll the menu will stay at the top. This new look is coming in a month or two to our tables and menus underneath the main menu. Expense Recall: This is a web­-only feature (coming soon to mobile) where employees can now recall submitted expenses not already approved! Gear > Company > Features > Edit > “Allow users to recall a report after submitting”. It’ll send an email to all current and prior approvers to let them know the report has been recalled. Orbitz Travel

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Customer Newsletter – July 2015

NEW FOR JULY 2015 Web: Credit Card / Receipt Date Lazy Matching: This is the first time we’ve mentioned “lazy” in a newsletter. It’s because sometimes the date of the receipt is not the date of the credit card transaction, so we wanted to match based on amount even if the date is slightly off. Reporting Export Filename: This is now a reporting run­time field if you’re exporting reports in Excel or PDF formats. PO/AP Custom Fields Filtered by Project: This means we can display different fields based on a specific project. Reporting on Deleted PO/AP Documents: This is important

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Customer Newsletter – June 2015

NEW FOR JUNE 2015 Web: Expense Report Download as CSV: Actions > View CSV beside any expense report. Timesheet Filter Task Categories by User Role: Just another one of our task category filtering options. We have lots of them! PO Approval Routing by Total Amount: A small refinement of our PO/AP system as it continues to grow in the depth of features. Mobile: Nexonia Expenses for iOS: New UI is coming in 2­-3 weeks. Nexonia Expenses BlackBerry 10: New UI is coming in 2-­3 weeks.  Download Full Newsletter PDF

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Customer Newsletter – May 2015

NEW FOR MAY 2015 Web: New Sign In Page: This is the tip of the iceberg! We’re now moving through our core web user interface and will be refining and enhancing the interface over the coming months. Automatic.com Integration: Plug the Automatic adapter into your car’s data port (did you know your car has one?) and then with Nexonia on the web you can add your car’s trips right into your expense report.  Travel Intragration: We’re seeing a very big demand for increased travel integrations so we’ve added travel booking invoice attachments and more refined travel systems integration. We’re just finishing up some

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Customer Newsletter – April 2015

NEW FOR APRIL 2015 Web: Preventing New Expenses to Existing Reports: We have a lot of settings for this, but we just added the ability to block new entries once all entries have been submitted.  Automated Notifications When an Expense Report is Paid: It's new and it's ready...both for web and mobile.  Expense From/To Labels are Editable: Just in case you don't want From and To to be your labels for our multi­date fields. This is now a label setting for each multi­ date expense category.  CC Email for Expense Rejections: Have you ever wanted to see every rejection email, sent to one place? Now

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Customer Newsletter – March 2015

NEW FOR MARCH 2015 Web: Accounts Payable: We now have a full AP solution with vendor portal, attachments, invoice-­to-­email and advanced approval routing. Book a demo to learn more!  VAT Tax Profile Defaults by Region: If you need this, you'll like it! Web Receipt Uploads 6 at a Time: One of our competitors supports 3 receipt attachment uploads at a time on the web. We decided to double them, for six! :)  Mobile: Nexonia Timesheets New UI: It's just a great interface. We're working on adding many new timers to the mobile apps in the coming months.  New Expenses UI: We're currently in testing for Android

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