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Nexonia & Abila

As a nonprofit organization, you need a cost-effective solution to manage your expense reports. With Nexonia Expenses, you receive flexible approval workflows, intuitive mobile apps and access to support and training resources. A powerful two-way Abila integration all in the cloud and on your smartphone, we support nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

  • Easy expense submissions, approvals and reporting

  • Seamless, deep two-way Abila integration

  • Unparalleled customer support & training

  • Powerful web & mobile apps

  • Corporate & personal credit card feeds

  • VAT & multi-currency support

  • Flexible approval workflows

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Nexonia Expenses & Abila: Giving Nonprofits the Tools They Need to Succeed

Managing business expenses can be a hassle for nonprofit administrators and staff, but with Nexonia Expenses, you’ll streamline your employee expense reporting process. With features like flexible approvals and configurations that fit your corporate travel expense policy, you’ll save time and money when managing expenses and speed up expense reimbursement for employees.

Nexonia helps nonprofit organizations manage their expenses using a file-based integration with Abila’s MIP Fund Accounting system and is also among a select group of partners given access to the new REST API, developing a tighter integration into the Abila MIP Advance™ Fund Accounting family of products. The upcoming Nexonia Expenses integration will be designed to provide nonprofits and associations with quick and easy access to tools and services to enhance their existing Abila products.